nature + science +
passion = our product
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bach flower + clean formula + tropical active = our reality Discover Discover healthy hair + lean line + preserved nature = our philosophy Discover Discover

Here, at Cosmetria, we focus on well-being, health and, consequently, beauty.

Our formulas are free of:
  • Sal
  • Sulfato
  • Ftalato
  • Corante
  • Parafina
  • Parabeno
  • Óleo mineral
  • Want to know what’s not lacking in Cosmetria ?
  • Bach floral + natural assets + a lot of science and research.
Discover Cosmetria yourself too! Discover Cosmetria yourself too!

+ Love for the Planet

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Peta Approved Vegan and Peta Cruelty-Free

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+ Love for the Planet