Thread Therapy


Step 1

Before washing your hair: PRE SHAMPOO

Use Pre Shampoo on dirty and dry hair. Apply generously from height of ears to tips. Massage strand by strand and let it act for at least 30 minutes

Step 2

To wash your hair: SHAMPOO

Apply only at root. Never in the length of threads. Massage gently with circular movements. Rinse with cold water

Passo 3

Para hidratar: Máscara

Retire todo o excesso de água dos fios com uma toalha ou pressionando-os 3 vezes suavemente com as mãos.

Raiz oleosa e ponta seca: Aplique a máscara apenas da altura das orelhas para as pontas.

Cabelo normal ao seco: Aplique a máscara em todo o comprimento dos fios.

Massagear de cima para baixo. Deixe agir de 3-5 minutos. Enxágue com água fria.

Step 4

To finish: Sugar Cane Balm + Quinoa

Shake before using.

After washing threads, spray a lot of Balm on the length and end of your hair. Style as desired and your hair will be beautiful, lightly and hydrated. Recommended use: throughout the day whenever you want to style you hair.


Repair + hydration, thermal protection (modelers) + mechanical protection (brushes), UVA and UVB rays protection, delicate modeler for threads, with lightness movements effects, ideal for sunny days, pool and beach.