Scalp Therapy


Step 1

Peeling: O2 PreBiotic Peeling

Spray water on the scalp. Apply O2 Prebiotic Peeling over the entire scalp with the help os a brush or with your own fingers, massage in a circular motion and leave in pausa time for 20 minutes. During the pause time, plastic film or equipments can be used. Use once a week for four consecutive weeks. Then, the use can be fortnightly.

Step 2

Therapeutic Shampoo

Therapeutic Shampoo

After the break time of O2 PreBiotic Peeling wash the threads and scalp with Therapeutic Shampoo. Repeat the application if necessary and rinse well. Remove any excess water from the threads with a towel or by pressing them 3 times gently with you hands. Use COSMTRIA Mask and rinse with cold water. The Therapeutic Shampoo is for frequent use, even on non-application of O2 PreBiotic Peeling.

Passo 3

Serum anticaspa e antioleosidade
Serum estimulante de crescimento e antiqueda

Pulverizar no couro cabeludo, massagear e NÃO ENXAGUAR. Utilizar 02 x ao dia (manhã e noite).