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peptide treatment

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50 grs
PETA certificate in both categories: vegan and cruelty-free
watercress | shitake | sage

• bach floral
• natural assets
• peptides (lower fractions of proteins)
• does not weigh on the wires
• Karite butter
• feeling of well-being
• new generation of cosmetics
• replenishment of nutrients


It is indicated for all types of hair, mainly hair damaged by chemistry. If you practice physical activity, if you go to the pool or the beach and if you like healthy hair, this is the product for you. Our pre-shampoo is also indicated for people who like a night treatment, applying it at night and removing it the next day.
For a better result, wash your hair with Cosmetria Shampoo and Mask.

How to use:

Apply the pre shampoo to dry hair before cleaning and wait at least 30 minutes. Then clean with shampoo and mask from Cosmetria.
It is indicated for night therapy: Apply at night and wash the next morning. For a better result finish with the Balm of Quinoa and Sugar Cane leave in and after the dry hair pass the Serum of Green Tea.
Frequency of use: 01 or 02 times a week or as indicated by the professional!

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