Balm | Quinoa + Sugar Cane


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240 ml
PETA certificate in both categories: vegan and cruelty-free
sugar cane | Quinoa

• repair + hydration complex
• protection against thermal action (modelers) + mechanical (brushes)
• protection against UVA + UVB rays
• delicate modeler for the hurry
• wires with movements and lightness

Suitable for all types of hair. If you have curly hair, our balm will leave your curls defined, but if you have straight hair and want to keep the hair wavy our balm is also indicated. It is ideal for sunny days, to be used whenever you go to the beach and the pool. Try it and you will be surprised. You will like.

How to use:
• Shake before use. After washing in a hurry, spray without length and tips. Style as desired and your desirable hair beautiful, light and hydrated!
• When to use: throughout the day whenever you want to model the threads.

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Dimensions 22.5 × 5 × 3 cm


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