Arginine | Active (Strengthener) Kit Persona Line


biomimetic keratin + vitamins B2 + B3 + B6 + C and E


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It is an asset that has the objective of strengthening the hair, restoring the mass and making the hair stronger.
It must be used in hair damaged by chemistry for the internal reconstruction of the threads. It acts precisely in the damaged areas of the hair shaft. It increases the strength and improves the structure of the yarn, restructuring the elasticity lost in chemical processes.
Ingredients: Biomimetic Keratin + Vitamins B2 + B3 + B6 + C and E.

Serum Amino must be mixed respecting the maximum of 10 drops of Arginine for each 10g of Amino Serum. This proportion may vary according to the need for each hair or the direction of a qualified professional. We do not recommend adding a larger number of drops as our assets are concentrated and may make the wires stiff.
It should be applied to Seco hair, before washing.
It can be used as a night treatment. Apply to hair at night and wash the next day with Shampoo and Mascara Cosmetria.

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