Amino Serum | The Base of the Persona Line Kit


pure fractions of amino acids + vitamins + polyphenols from beet and jaboticaba


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It is a carrier with triple function: Potent antioxidant, because it contains Vitamin C and because it is a cosmetic base with active bio-affinity for the interior of the fiber and fixes the assets in the intermediate and external layers.
The Amino Serum is the basis of the Persona Line Kit and should be used in all mixes. It has the function of restoring the damaged keratin structure of the hair strands, restoring the natural elasticity to the hair shaft.
Active ingredients: Pure fractions of Aminacids + Vitamins + Polyphenols of beet and Jaboticaba

For each 10g (1 tablespoon) of Amino serum add 10 drops of the chosen active ingredient. This proportion may vary according to the need for each hair or the direction of a qualified professional. We do not recommend adding a larger number of drops as our assets are concentrated and may make the wires stiff.
It can be used as a night treatment. Apply to hair at night and wash the next day with Shampoo and Mascara Cosmetria.

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